Project and Milestone

November 24th, 2007

We have defined a roadmap for the first and consequential releases. We plan to release the first version as a stand-alone editor, which we will expand as the development process continue.

Here’s our roadmap (sorry, italian only)


November 17th, 2007

As we progressed coding, we felt the need of a more defined organization, so we wrote a preliminary project definition and posted it on SVN and Wiki

Some new entries in the wiki and first code upload

July 18th, 2007

We have added some new entries in the wiki (sorry, the wiki is currently italian-only):

  • We will be using CeGui for the game and editor GUI (italian only)
  • Some new details of the game background have been added, and expecially about vehicles and weapons (italian only)

We have also uploaded an example of the CeGui use in the editor, and a test blender model, on the SVN repository on SourceForge. This is our first code upload and it’s incomplete, not commented and absolutely not representative of the final product, but it’s something to starts with.

Tool for exporting Blender to Ogre/ODE

July 11th, 2007

We are looking to write a tool (Blender plugin) to export models from Blender to Ogre/ODE. It means we want to insert graphic and phisycs information in Blender and, by running this script, be able to generate Ogre meshes and a physic description (in terms of joints, mass, …) that can be used by ODE.

We are back!

July 7th, 2007

University tests are (almost) over, so we can begin to refocus on Lp3 planning and development. Stay tuned!

A little slow-down

June 2nd, 2007

As the project developers are all student at University of Pisa (Italy), and we all have exams in the month of June, the project activities are all delayed until the end of June.

Hello world!

May 29th, 2007

We are opening this development diary for LP3. We will keep you update as the development progress. Stay tuned!